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Middle East economy undergoing drastic downturn due to Covid-19 pandemic and oil price crash

Middle East Economic Update

How have the biopharma companies responded to the pandemic?

Biopharma’s Response to COVID

Travel and Tourism companies plan to reboot post a drastic fall due to Covid-19 pandemic

Travel and Tourism Market Report

Apart from the financial and operational challenges, healthcare firms are struggling with tremendous mental health impact.

Healthcare – Struggling with Financial Operational and Mental Health Challenges

Asset Management players in India are forced to go through an overhaul due to external market forces

An Overview of Asset Management Sector India

The automotive sector, which contributes an estimated $5.5 trillion to the global economy, is expected to take a big hit from the outbreak.

Auto Sector’s Response to COVID

What are the common traits of the most transformational companies?

Organization Transformation – Best Practices

Did you know Covid-19 has permanently changed the Financial Services sector operating model?

Financial Service Sector Trends Report

The global pandemic has aggravated inequalities for women and minorities

Diversity and Inclusion in the Times of a Pandemic

Did you know Coronavirus pandemic has pushed Consumer Goods companies to undergo operational overhaul?

Consumer Sector Trends Report

What else is driving the biopharma sector, apart from the quest for a COVID vaccine?

What is Trending in Biopharma?

India Pharma – A Visible Silver Lining

India Pharma – A Visible Silver Lining

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