The sector has been severely impacted by the pandemic. Issues such as shattered supply chain, manufacturing interruptions across Europe


In the light of dramatic changes in the consumer landscape, CPG companies are feeling intense pressure and operational stress


Energy companies are going through a ‘once-in-a-century” crisis. Global energy demands have plummeted owing to lockdowns imposed

Financial Services

The Financial services sector has been undergoing significant changes in the recent years. With the onset of Covid-19


Healthcare firms are grappling with financial stress, due to a significant decline in its revenue along with a flat to rising expense

Heavy Industrials

Supply chain disruptions due to restrictions on the movement of people and goods and slow down in spending leading to decreased demand


The COVID-19 pandemic has not left the pharma sector unscathed, despite its activities being more important than ever. The sector is facing its biggest

Professional Services

Changing clients demands, employee expectations, rapid technology developments and other external factors has changed the dynamics of professional services sector altogether


Technology sector is taking responsibility for driving future progress across sectors. All the industries are dependent on technology to drive operations

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