The COVID-19 pandemic has not left the pharma sector unscathed, despite its activities being more important than ever. The sector is facing its biggest ever supply chain disruption. While the most innovative biologics or non-small molecules are made in the US and EU, there are more than 600 US FDA-registered facilities in China, providing more than 1,000 APIs to the US market. According to a study by University of Minnesota, 80% of the drugs marketed in the United States, including 19 of the 20 top-selling brand names, are made overseas.

Pharma companies have also realized prompt redeployment of R&D resources is the need of the hour. Many companies have paused enrollment in many new and ongoing clinical trials in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. With massive investments, the pharma industry is boosting its research to find the holy grail for COVID-19.

As the sector steps up to the challenges it is currently facing, Groundwork Intel can help you gain an edge by equipping you with timely, actionable business intelligence solutions.

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