Market Monitor

We help you stay updated with the volatile equity and debt markets with our periodic newsletters and detailed reports covering facts, figures and foresight into the latest trends in the market.

Groundwork Intel also monitors and analyses developments across economies. We produce a range of periodic dashboards, regular activity indicators, country reports, and research notes about key developments that affect economies across geographies.

Our Offerings

  • Dashboard: A snapshot of market movement and the performance the players.
  • Market Tracker: periodic review of equity and debt market for timely insight on market developments and investment opportunities, usually presented through newsletters.
  • Thought Paper: Our perspective on factors affecting the movements in the market and the reasons for the same.
  • Country/Regional Economy Dashboard: Brief reports at-a-glance economic overview of countries and regions.
  • Detailed Economic Performance Monitor: Periodic comprehensive overview of economic performance of countries and regions. Also includes economic news and trends in the geography.
  • Quarterly/Annual Economic Newsletter: Quarterly/Annual newsletters on economic performance, regulatory updates, political scenario, currency fluctuations, risk factors etc.

What You Get

Real Time Market Update

To monitor your trades and investments with real time reporting through our dashboards and newsletters

Market Perspective

Key developments in the market and through our thought papers and research reports

Economic Intelligence

Insights on macro trends shaping the global economy

Understand Business Outlook

Update on changes in the economy and its implications for business confidence, stock movement, investment decisions, and global trade

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