Industry Insights

We scan and study industries to help you to analyze external ecosystems, keep pace with the trends, challenges, market dynamics, competitive landscape and outlook.  We create customized industry reports based on your needs. Our newsletters help you stay abreast of the latest happenings with your competitors, industry or any other theme/topic of your interest.

Groundwork Intel’s Market Entry reports help you assess the market potential, growth opportunity, key market segments, drivers and challenges to ensure successful entry into a new market.

We also cover the best-in-class companies and their initiatives that set them apart in any sector. This can help your business gain operational efficiency, grow sales, fill knowledge gaps, increase employee engagement, develop leadership and more.

Our Offerings

  • Industry Primer: An indepth understanding of the sectors, through our detailed industry primer. It typically covers market size, growth and outlook; trends and challenges; industry structure; human capital aspects; competitive landscape and others.
  • Industry Snapshots: Crisp industry snapshots, covering trends that shape the future of markets as well as the current challenges in the sector.
  • Market Feasibility Report: Evaluation and analysis of key business and operating dynamics in any market sector that provides informed market entry strategy.
  • Industry Newsletters: Tracking of industry news on a periodic basis to keep you updated on trends, changes, innovations etc in the industry.
  • Monthly/Quarterly M&A Tracker: Periodic analysis of deal activity in any industry.

What You Get

Tracking of emerging trends & challenges

Assessment of market readiness for new offerings

Business analysis report of a market sector with market entry strategy

Keep track of M&A activity in the sector

Understand the best practices in the sector

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