Talent Analysis

The market conditions have been rapidly changing along with developments in technologies and increase in customer expectations, urging organizations to take up the transformation journey. In order to help companies keep pace with the changes and maintain a solid talent base and organization structure, we provide you with various forms of organizational research such as talent mapping, executive database, trend analysis, organization structure benchmarking and so on.

Our Offerings

  • Executive Mapping: A tracker for C-suite executive movement across sectors.
  • Talent Monitor: Tracking of talent movement on real time basis to evaluate the demand dynamics, skill shortage, talent trend etc.
  • Location Study: Relative evaluation of talent demand and supply, infrastructure, political environment & government initiatives etc., of various locations.
  • Organization Structure and Operating Model Benchmarking: A sharp benchmark on how peers in a particular sector are organized along with their operational methods.
  • Talent Trend Research: Reports to provide an understanding of the talent landscape across sectors.
  • Best Practices and Trend Research: Reports based on best practice research around organizational transformation, talent management practices and so on.
  • Trend Research: An analysis of the key trends around various organizational topics such as changing operating models, new and evolving roles and so on.
  • Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Analysis:
    • D&I Benchmarking: Benchmark your organization against your peers on key initiatives undertaken around D&I.
    • D&I Best Practice Research: Best practices in D&I implemented by best-in-class organizations.
  • M&A Deal Qualification Pack: Comprehensive analysis of M&A covering deal statistics, rationale, new entity overview and structure, financials, deal synergies (financial or culture dynamics), analyst views, challenges and outlook.

What You Get

Organizational Business Intel

Reports that comprise insights on various organizational aspects that can help you take informed decisions

Informed talent decisions

An understanding of the talent landscape for selection of right candidate for fitment into the organization

Understanding Deal Dynamics

Complete understanding of M&A deal to assess the deal rationale and the prospects

M&A Intelligence

Information on key developments in M&A space with comprehensive white papers and topical research


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